UAE billionaire Mohamed Alabbar will launch the Arab world’s first social messaging app in February or March next year.

In October this year, the businessman announced plans to launch a phone messaging service for the Middle East that aims to compete with services such as WhatsApp.

“There are 350 million young people in the region and they are 200 million of young people who are connected to the digital world,” he said.

Alabbar, who made his fortune as the chairman of Dubai's largest listed property developer, Emaar Properties, has been moving into other areas, in particular technology.

Mobile phone penetration in the Gulf region is among the highest in the world, with Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates in the top seven globally with rates near to the equivalent of two phones for every person.

The region is also home to a young and tech-savvy population - Saudi Arabia is one of the top consumers of YouTube videos - but there is comparatively-little Arabic-language online content. (Source)


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